All of these Coolies are from Australia.  As you can see, some have a rough
(long) coat, some have a smooth (short) coat.  Some of the Coolies are short,
some are more leggy.  Some have bent, button, or pricked ears.  Some are
pretty, and some are not so pretty.  Some of these Coolies could pass for
Border Collies, Kelpies, Australian Shepherds or even an Australian
Cattledog.  Some may even resemble Coyote or Dingo influence.

Historically, as soon as any new breed of dog is developed, the price of
popularity is the division between the intended purpose and someone's
ideological purpose. Sooner or later, someone creates a written standard for
the superior dog which the breeder strives to produce. Many times, the
original purpose of the breed is forgotten, beauty takes precedence over
functionality and a division in the breed commences. The breed that was
created to fill an important purpose, or that was intended to be the foundation
of the fabric of one's livelihood, is now evolving into an animal that is no
longer useful, needed, or prized for it's original purpose. Someone will decide
the path in which the breed should take and certain disciplines in selection
and rejection are set down to be followed, all in the name of the betterment of
the breed.

In many ways, the drawing up of guidelines to follow for a "standard" of the
breed is desirable, provided the inherited ability to efficiently, mentally and
structurally, work livestock is first and foremost and beauty and poise is
secondary. If there are no guidelines, or "standard", the breed would become
chaotic and fragile due to a person’s own personal approximation’s, rapacity,
morals and the original characteristics of the breed forgotten. A "standard"
isn’t decided for the purpose of ‘minding someone’s business’, but rather a
guideline that should be followed if the breed is to continue from early
development on into a finely tuned, genetically selected, superior breed.  
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