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We use the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test.  This test is used as an indicator
s to what temperament the puppy may have.   Genetic inheritance, as well
as the environment in which the puppy lives and is raised in, plays a huge
role in his development.  Proper handling, socialization and overall care is
part of the environmental factors that come into play during the puppy's
life.   If a puppy is treated inhumanely, no amount of genetic inheritance is
going to make a difference --- that puppy will not be the puppy he would
have normally been, if he wasn't treated so badly.  It is also not to the
benefit of the puppy, or new owner, if their personalities do not match.  A
shy puppy will not thrive in an environment that is loud, chaotic or with a
person that has a short temper and no patience.  On the other hand, a hard
headed puppy will be a disaster if he is placed with a person that is of
submissive nature.  That puppy will grow up to run the owner's life.

We spend lots of time with our puppies and we know their personalities.  
We match the puppy with the owner.  The majority of the time, the puppy is
chosen specifically for their color (this is why we do not charge more for
particular colors, like most do) and nothing else.  Many buyers become
apprehensive, and even angry, when we decline to sell them a particular
puppy that they have chosen.  It isn't personal, it's just that we know the
puppy and from listening to what the buyer wants, we know that particular
puppy isn't going to work for that particular person.  We strive for a
partnership between the person and puppy, for it's a long-term commitment
and shouldn't be taken lightly.  We would rather decline selling a puppy,
rather than placing one in the wrong environment.  

We continually strive to produce genetically, mentally and physically stable
puppies.  The ultimate goal is happiness between the new owner and the
puppy. A puppy that best suits them, their family and their need or want is
without doubt the best combination.  
Training the stock dog
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